September 11, 2019

Campus#3 - Three Reasons to Try Our Latest Coffee!

union hand roasted coffee campus#3 campus bag ethiopia

We are so excited to announce the release of Campus#3. This is the third coffee in the Campus series and is a beautiful natural from Ethiopia. To celebrate its release, we wanted to give you three reasons why you should give it a go.


1. It’s from Ethiopia

     union coffee allan schaller yayu ethiopia

    Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of arabica coffee. Here, you can find naturally-growing, luscious coffee plants in the wild. Drinking coffee is also a deep-rooted and central part of Ethiopian culture - an activity practised daily by a lot of households. This will always make Ethiopia coffee incredibly special.


    This particular coffee is grown by Demise Kachara, whose small 5-hectare farm sits up in the highlands between 1700 and 1900 m.a.s.l. The high altitude and loamy soils create the perfect condition for growing coffee. This coffee is of the heirloom varietal, grown alongside other local varieties from Yirgacheffe referred to as Kurume, Gorbe & Dega.


    Ethiopia coffee is often noted for having interesting and unique flavour profiles with a lot of fruity and floral tasting notes because of the landscape. This is an amazing opportunity to try some really special Ethiopia coffee and give the flavour a go!


    2. It’s a natural process coffee

    union coffee red cherry natural

    How to make this already fruity coffee taste even fruitier? The natural processing method, of course! After picking, Demise’s whole, ruby red coffee cherries are placed on raised African beds to dry for 21 days. 


    So, what does the natural process do to the flavour? While the cherry is drying, the bean nestled inside absorbs the sugars from the cherry, creating a fruity coffee, making for a very sweet cup. This makes an excellent base to develop amazing flavours and complex acidity during roasting. 


    This coffee with the roast by Edita reveals some incredible fruity flavours. Brewed as a filter, it’ll reveal tasting notes of tropical fruits and ripe berries, with the sweetness of dried fruits and a creamy body. Brewed as espresso, you might find notes of pineapple, cherry and Belgian milk chocolate. Sounds good, right? Let us know what you taste!


    3. It’s a limited edition!

     union hand roasted coffee campus#3 campus ethiopia ben clark tattoo

    You can’t find this coffee anywhere else, so it’s pretty special stuff. We sadly don’t have a lot of it, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. Plus - have you seen the beautiful artwork? It’s nice enough to display on your living room shelves! A big thank you to Ben Clark who created the design of the bag depicting the national animal and flower of Ethiopia - the lion and the lily.


    So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a bag now while you can!


    Written by Helena Brown, Social Media Executive

    September 2019

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