San Juanillo, Costa Rica

The location of Don José micro mill is unique. On a clear day, when stood at the mill’s highest point, it’s possible to see both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The coffee-growing area traditionally sold coffee cherries to large multinational mills. Coffee producer, Sixtolmen Sanchez, went against the grain, deciding to process his cherries himself, gain ownership over the process and challenge the commodity market. This important step marked San Juanillo coffee as something different, having an identity - single origin and micro-milled. Since Sixtolmen’s passing, the production of high-quality remains in the hands of his three daughters.

Since the Sanchez sisters have taken over management of the farm, with a professionally trained architect amongst them, they have built a beautiful storage construction for their parchment coffee where temperature is measured and a humidity extractor maintains atmospheric moisture levels at the correct level.

The farm works with indigenous people from the area, employing around 30 seasonal workers during the season who work from one farm to another.

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