As baristas and coffee shop owners become ever more aware of the sourcing and supply chain behind their coffee, more and more of them want to roast their own coffee to take greater ownership of that process.

Campus is the perfect resource to learn how to roast coffee with the help of our qualified trainers. We have state of the art equipment including Giesen and Ikawa roasters, gas-flush heat sealer and automated weigh & fill for efficient operation.


Introduction to Roasting

All coffee professionals wanting to learn basics of roasting

Explanation of roasting process alongside practical exercises on the 1kg Giesen roaster

1 day: £375

Further Roasting

Coffee professionals with previous roasting experience

Understanding chemical and physical transformation during roasting. Practical roast profiles development and sensory roast evaluation

2 days: £475


Introduction to Roasting Coffee

Starting with a classroom session covering the basic science behind the process, then moving on to a practical session on our Giesen 1kg roaster, this course will help you start your roasting journey.


Further Coffee Roasting

Building on the basics covered in the Introduction to Roasting class, this 2 day course will go in to more detail about heat transfer, roasting profiles, designing your own profiles and repeating them.

If you have some knowledge of coffee roasting and want to learn more, or if you want to better understand the theory behind what you taste in your cup - this course will help you understand much more of the detail of coffee roasting.


If you'd like to learn more about our roasting training courses before booking click here to get in touch.


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