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We’ve got something extra special for you. Nothing beats the aroma of a freshly made cup of coffee, and the relaxing ritual coffee making creates – whether in the morning to start the day right, as an afternoon break, or after dinner treat. It’s important to take a moment to relax in the day, and we believe it’s best done with a cup of great coffee in hand. That’s why we’ve put together a Home Coffee Brew Set for you, with everything you need to get started. Read on!


Home Brew Set for £10 with your O2 discount code (RRP £22)

Exclusive to Priority customers, to get everything you need to turn your house into a coffeehouse. We’ve selected two of our favourite coffees along with an easy to use Hario V60 coffee dripper - the most difficult part will be which coffee to pick first! Pop it in your shopping bag, choose the colour of your dripper and whether you would like wholebean or ready ground coffee - and we will start roasting!

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Home Brew Set V60 and coffee
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V60 dripper and 2x200g coffee set


Whilst you wait for your coffee, we’ve compiled some of our top tips below. You can also watch our video instructions on how to use your new V60. And if you’re thinking of getting more experimental, we’ve also included some recipes on how to make cold brew coffee, which is delicious and refreshing on hot summer days. For the evenings you’ve got our tastiest coffee cocktail recipes - the possibilities are endless!

  • Did you know that coffee is best enjoyed fresh? Keep it stored tightly closed, or in a container. If you are not using it all within a week or two, close tightly and pop in a freezer, taking out the amount you need at a time. Fridges are to be avoided, as they are often full of strong smell which can impart into your coffee.
  • Water makes a difference! Use filtered water when possible. For the right temperature, use water just off the boil - boiling water can burn your grounds and impart bitter flavours.
  • Experiment with your coffee taste! High quality speciality coffee has varied natural taste notes, emphasised by the roast. Everything from terroir to varietal to processing method, and finally brewing, makes a difference to the taste of your cup. Tasting two different coffees side by side can be a revelation! We recommend trying your coffee first black, before adding milk or sugar, so you can taste the pure flavour.
  • Measure the quantity of coffee to water ratio with kitchen scales if you have them. This makes a big difference to the taste of your cup.