Finca Inmaculada Sudan Rume


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A very fragrant cup

This is a remarkable Microlot coffee. Vibrant fruits with notes of rose, lychee and lemonade. Sudan Rume makes a delicious filter.
Flavour Category
fruit fruit
High quality coffee has wide ranging, naturally occurring taste notes. The dominant flavour profile in this coffee is Fruit. Many coffees have fruity notes, not surprising considering that coffee beans are seeds of a fruit. Naturally processed coffees are often fruity as the method enables more of the sugars in the fruit are absorbed in the beans.
This coffee is a light roast. Roast level influences the flavour and body of coffee. Darker roasts are fuller bodied, lighter roasts brighter. The beans are light brown in colour (unsurprisingly), it will retain more of the natural flavour of the coffee. This can result in a higher acidity and may often show more fruit and floral notes. This roast style means the quality of the coffee shines through the best.
Quality Score
Coffee scoring over 80 on Speciality Coffee Association scale is considered High Quality, Speciality Coffee.
Best Brewed As
This coffee is best brewed as a filter (cafetiere, pour over, aeropress, drip, etc.). All our coffees can be brewed using any method, but this is our recommendation for a method which suits the coffee particularly well.
Processing Method
This coffee was processed using the natural method. Post-harvest processing influences the taste profile. Washed coffees are brighter, naturally processed are sweeter and honey processed are somewhere in between.

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A true and rare, hidden gem - Sudan Rume is an extremely unique cultivar and a legendary coffee variety originating from the Boma Plateau, Sudan. The harvest is incredibly small, this coffee is a classic case of quality over quantity.

This limited parcel coffee is processed using a natural method, drying coffee cherries in the sun –  resulting in a tea-like, floral fragrant cup with complex flavour notes of lychee, rose and lemonade. Grown by the Holguin family in a small town called Pinchinde, located in the Andes mountains where the family decided to make use of an untouched forest on the farm. Starting with little over 5 hectares, they now have over 50 hectares, 30 of which are planted, and the rest kept as part of the natural forest.


  • Sudan Rume

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Finca Inmaculada


In 2010 the Holguin family decided to create “Inmaculada Coffee Farms” in the small town of Pichinde (in the Andes Mountains). Inmaculada means Immaculate, and that's what the farm is - perfect! 

Finca Inmaculada is surrounded by the Farallones Nationall Park. Nature, altitude, climate, and lots of work has turned the farm into the perfect environment for planting exotic coffee varieties. At an altitude of 1700 and 2000 m.a.s.l. there are 34 hectares of coffee and 11 hectares of forest.

In between the coffee there is a diverse cover of plants like: guamo, acacias, lemos, guabos, citrobella, and a legume shrub called tephrosia, making this a natural habitat and provides perfect shade for producing the most delicious exotic coffee beans. The shade trees provide organic material to keep the soil healthy, and the fruits favoured by birds. This management system, is often  refered to as agroforestry: the interaction of agriculture and trees, including the agricultural use of trees.

The farm is designed in such a way that exotic coffee varieties grow very well (what Inmaculada specialises in). Only few farms in the world grow eugenioides, geisha, laurina and rume sudan. The quality is excellent, but yields are low and the plantations require meticulous attention to detail.

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