Los Anonos, Costa Rica

Los Anonos is a small, 10-hectare farm located at the borders of the Rio Espino, Costa Rica. This small farm is owned by Marvin Rodriguez, who uses environmentally friendly practices for growing his coffee. This coffee is shade-grown and you’ll find an abundance of different shade trees at the farm, including the Annona tree, a fruit that grows in tropical climates - which gives its’ name to the farm - Los Anonos. Marvin creates his own organic compost for the trees using the coffee pulp and other naturally occurring materials including fallen leaves from the shade trees.

Union has been working with Los Anonos since 2009. Marvin Rodriguez, along with his brother Felipe and their partner Ricardo Perez, co-own the famed West Valley mill, Helsar de Zarcero. This mill has been championing environmentally friendly farming techniques that result in excellent quality and good yields. This coffee is expertly grown up at the heights of 1750 metres above sea level, carefully harvested and then mechanically washed and processed in the mill “Helsar de Zarcero”.

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