The Union Code of Conduct defines a set of standards of behaviour and working practices that guarantee safe and healthy working conditions for farmers and their workers.

Our code of conduct provides the framework for monitoring and evaluating the working lives of farmers and their workers. This also extends to sustainable agronomy practices on the farms.

We undertake our own social audits to ensure the Code of Conduct is adhered to, and we track progress from year to year.

Code of Conduct Compliance is directly linked to our procurement practices: price premiums, purchase guarantees, access to pre-finance or a combination of these as a positive incentive and reward for Code of Conduct Compliance. If issues around compliance with our Code of Conduct are identified, we will seek to address them with a Corrective Action Plan but also understand the root causes, and assist in making the changes. Should farmers fail to collaborate to implement changes, we may end the trading relationship.


To ensure transparency and maintain our standards, these are our full code of conducts and corporate policies...

If you have concerns or complaints with respect to our Code of Conduct or any of the above corporate policies contact us.

In order to adequately address your complaint we ask you to fill in the below form and send to voice@unionroasted.com.



'To make a real change in communities we need to understand what the difficulties are and how to work together to create sustainable livelihoods. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to sustainability, and that is what makes my job so exciting. Every day is different and there is always something new to learn. In my job I am able to combine the topics I am most passionate about: sustainable agriculture, social justice and travelling and of course the people.’ - Pascale Schuit

We believe that a truly sustainable, ethical supply chain requires specialised individuals to manage it correctly. Here is our team focused on developing Union Direct Trade with our farmer partners — and sourcing our delicious coffees.


Sustainable Coffee Sourcing

Pascale has an MSc in Development Economics from Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and is a Certified Q Grader. Based in Panama, her mission is to drive positive change in the value chain by working closely with our farmer partners. She joined us in 2011, and her pivotal role spans areas from training financial management through conducting audits and on-site risk assessments at farms, to managing improvement programmes at origin.



Steven is a trained Social Auditor and creator of the Union Direct Trade model. ‘The delicious flavours of fresh roasted coffee inspired Jeremy and me to create Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, but it was the discovery of the effect of coffee production on the lives of farmers and workers that raised my awareness of how business has an obligation to be a force for good. Remaining true to this principle has given all of us at Union a sense of purpose to build a successful company.


Managing Director

Violeta is a Certified Q grader and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains from Cambridge University. 'I fell in love with coffee at early age. I still remember sniffing the air when my grandmother was making her morning ibrik. Later on I discovered the subtle nuances and distinctive flavours of coffee. But it was when I travelled to origin and met the coffee growers that coffee became my true passion, a passion to make coffee a force for good, all the way from bean to cup.'