Attention to detail is key to making great coffee and so knowing how to look after your coffee equipment and machinery makes all the difference.



Great baristas should know all the ins and outs of their coffee equipment. Our maintenance course is designed and offered to people who want to take their knowledge and skills that one step further.


We strongly recommend that only people who will be responsible for making adjustments and maintenance attend this course. A lot can go wrong so attention to details and confidence is a key. Barista Skills - Level 1 is mandatory before attending.


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We will explain the mechanics of your espresso machine and grinder and share tips on how to look after it. Plus how to adjust both daily and weekly to prolong your machine's life and maintain its efficiency.

Attending this training is an excellent investment in your business as it can save you calling an engineer.

After completion you will be able to perform basic maintenance duties on your espresso machine and grinder.