We're not the sort to blow our own trumpets. But every once in a while someone does it for us. Below is a list of some of our latest achievements.

Queens Enterprise Award

At Buckingham Palace in 2017 Jeremy and Steven were presented the Queen's Award for Sustainable Enterprise by HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

This award is the culmination of over 15 years of work to create a better way to source high quality coffee, and testimony to the success of Union Direct Trade.

European Coffee Awards

On a chilly November evening in Milan, our hearts were warmed to be announced as the Best Specialty Coffee Roaster – Europe at the Allegra European Coffee Symposium.

This is the fourth we've won this award. And it was all thanks to a union of farmers, roasters, tasters and drinkers.

Feefo Trusted Service

After every purchase you make on this website we ask you two questions; How was the service you received and and did you like your coffee?

For the last five years in a row  we've consistently scored 4.7/5,  winning us their coveted Platinum Trusted Service Award.



✪ ✪

"More of a medium to dark roast in our opinion. Some bits. Very fruity and syrupy in the mouth, lively and bright, with apricot-like notes coming through. With milk, this gets even better; the fruit softens and the acidity is rounder, more complex. There's no bitterness whatsoever and that rich caramel reveals itself for a lovely long finish."

Image: Revelation, Signature Espresso
Revelation Signature Espresso
Notes of Treacle, Cinnamon, Dark chocolate
Bold espresso
Quality Score: 84.5


✪ ✪

"A big, bold and syrupy espresso, which delivers on all of its promises of treacle, dark chocolate and grapefruit. Its finish is slightly dry but not dissimilar to a bite of grapefruit. It delivers a lot of intensity with very impressive balance. Milk lifts the flavour profile even further and helps round out the flavours more. We thought it impressive to have an espresso that's so intense without dipping into dark, acrid flavour notes."

Image: Gajah Mountain, Sumatra
Gajah Mountain Sumatra
Notes of Grapefruit, Treacle, Cocoa
Bold and Rich
Quality Score: 84.0


"Well roasted beans, with a citric acidity hitting the palate from the off. Lively in the mouth, dominating the flavour profile a little, with more subtle fruit and sweet notes also coming through, culminating in a sweeter, well balanced finish."

Image: Liberacion, Guatemala
Liberacion Guatemala
Notes of Red Grape, Dark Chocolate, Custard Cream
Rich and full bodied
Quality Score: 84.75

SCA Sustainability Award 2019

We’re extremely proud and honoured to have been awarded the Sustainability Award 2019 by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) for our work in Yayu, Ethiopia.


We have worked together with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and the Darwin Initiative since 2014, to preserve one of the world's last remaining wild coffee forests. In 2019 the Specialty Coffee Association recognised the important work we have been doing.

You can find out more about what the project involves by clicking on the button below.