We're not the sort to blow our own trumpets. But every once in a while someone does it for us. Below is a list of some of our latest achievements.


We are a Certified B Corporation. The health of the people and planet has always been at the forefront of our business and remains so today. We are incredibly proud to receive this certification which is testament to the commitment we made in 2001 and the work we continue to do every day.

B Corp is a certification which examines a company's impact on their workers, community, environment, and customers. The assessment process by B Lab is rigorous, requiring robust evidence of socially and environmentally responsible practices. Companies need a cumulative score of 80 to gain certification and and we’re pleased to share an impressive score of 106.3!


Queens Enterprise Award

In 2022, we were excited to announce that we, once again, received The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development.

As in 2017, our award in 2022 comes as recognition of a culmination of work to create a better way to source high quality coffee, and testimony to the success of Union Direct Trade.

Feefo Trusted Service

After every purchase you make on this website we ask you two questions; How was the service you received and and did you like your coffee?

For the last five years in a row  we've consistently scored 4.7/5,  winning us their coveted Platinum Trusted Service Award.

European Coffee Awards 2022

We are beyond proud to announce that we’ve been awarded the European Coffee Awards for Best Speciality Coffee Roaster and Most Ethical Brand.

We are proud that 21 years on, our commitment to quality and sustainbility remains the same and is recognised by coffee drinkers and industry folk alike.

ISO14001 Accreditation 2022

ISO14001 is an environmental management system which provides assurance that environmental impact is being measured and improved across a business over time.

Receiving the ISO14001 accreditation is proud and essential moment for Union as we focus on the health and future of the planet.

Great Taste Awards

Sourcing only high-quality and unique coffees which we expertly hand roast to best enhance the flavour, we've always operated with a no-compromise apporach to taste and quality.

This has won us quite a few Great Taste Awards over the years! See below for more information...

SCA Sustainability Award 2019

We have worked together with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and the Darwin Initiative since 2014, to preserve one of the world's last remaining wild coffee forests. In 2019 the Specialty Coffee Association recognised the important work we have been doing.



✪ ✪

"For a dark roast, this has retained plenty of character and some acidity. Smooth and balanced, with a fruity, sweet smack at the end, rounded out by an enjoyable caramel length on the finish.."

Image: Revelation, Signature Espresso
Revelation Signature Espresso
Notes of Treacle, Cinnamon, Dark chocolate
Bold espresso
Quality Score: 84.5


✪ ✪

"It's really pleasing to see a product description that hits it on the nose: a rich mouthfeel that feels luxurious; a lovely high-cocoa chocolate flavour profile that lasts long on the finish; a touch of brightness in the cup without unbalancing the overall picture with overwhelming acidity. Works very well with milk."

Image: Gajah Mountain, Sumatra
Gajah Mountain Sumatra
Notes of Grapefruit, Treacle, Cocoa
Bold and Rich
Quality Score: 84.0


"Rich tomato sauce and dusky earthiness on the beans, moving to more fruity notes in the cup. There are interesting levels of taste here, with more acidic fruits first, then the richer biscuity chocolate notes, finishing on the darker cacao and giving a lovely aftertaste that is to be savoured. The texture is silky and soft, and coats the taste buds with these harmonious flavours alluringly. Dark rich aroma of the beans. Fruity flavour is evident on the palate which is light and juicy; this is a gentle coffee which is clean, simple and refreshing ."

Image: Liberacion, Guatemala
Liberacion Guatemala
Notes of Red Grape, Dark Chocolate, Custard Cream
Rich and full bodied
Quality Score: 84.75


"Some zingy brightness in the cup, which is enjoyable. Not super-fruity or berry-noted, but there's a decent amount of body that holds up to the addition of milk."

Image: Natural Spirit, Organic Blend
organic blend
Natural Spirit Organic Blend
Notes of candied lemon, fudge, chocolate truffle
Organic Coffee
Quality Score: 85.25


"Decidedly all it claims: it's big and bold, with a good weight of body and sound sweetness - maybe not quite as deep as suggested. The blend creates a good balance, with low acidity, tempered bitterness and enough sweetness to balance. Good with milk - it really takes milk well for an early morning wake-you-up cup.

SCA Sustainability Award 2019

We’re extremely proud and honoured to have been awarded the Sustainability Award 2019 by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) for our work in Yayu, Ethiopia.


We have worked together with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and the Darwin Initiative since 2014, to preserve one of the world's last remaining wild coffee forests. In 2019 the Specialty Coffee Association recognised the important work we have been doing.

You can find out more about what the project involves by clicking on the button below.