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Our mission is to spread the joy of speciality coffee, which is why you'll find us in a few different places. Check out our list below to see where you can find Union coffee...

Our mission is to spread the joy of speciality coffee. Delivered direct to your door or on the shelves at your supermarket; served as a latte at your local coffee shop or your evening espresso at your favourite restaurant. Here's where you'll find Union:

Bespoke ‒ Roasted to order and delivered to your door

Bags ‒ Roasted and ready to pick up from the shops

Brewed ‒ Expertly brewed by baristas in coffee shops and restaurants


Freshly roasted to your order via our website. The coffee you want, when you want it.

The first port of call to find Union is right here on our website. Here, you'll discover our full range of blends, single origins and microlots. Once you've ordered, we fire up the roasters - roasting to order, so you only recieve the freshest coffee.

Looking to be constantly topped up and don't want to worry about running low on coffee? Our subscription service CoffeeClub is a no hassle, no strings attached way to get your coffee delivered to your door: be it your favourites, or coffees you've not explored before.


Bright and vibrant, you might have spotted our bags out and about in different shops and supermarkets. Here's where to find them.

Grab your groceries and pick up a bag of our coffee, ready to be taken home and brewed. From supermarkets to well stocked fine food shops, you can find a selection of our range ready for you to take home. Discover our 200g bags in wholebean, espresso grind and cafetière grind; and 500g and 700g wholebean. Here's where you can find Union :


From coffee shops to restaurants, south coast to Scotland, you'll find Union coffee brewed by baristas. Here are a few places where you'll be able to nab yourself a morning latte or evening espresso...

You'll spot our 'U' logo everywhere now you know it. But here are a few of our amazing partners who're expertly serving up Union coffee: