If you've already attended our level 1 training this course is for you to continue and further hone your barista skills.



The main focus of this course is to help in understanding brew ratio, dialing in to taste, latte art and workflow.


Barista Skills - Level 2 training is open to all baristas who attended our Barista Skills – Level 1. Designed for those who would love to learn more and progress their journey into Speciality Coffee further.


These are the course dates that we currently have spaces available on. Please only choose from one of these dates when using the course booking form below.

  • 26th March 3 Spaces
  • 9th April 5 Spaces
  • 16th April 6 Spaces
  • 30th April 6 Spaces
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    Futher Information

    You'll be making and tasting a lot of espressos during this session. So we recommend this course to espresso drinkers, only.

    As we eat and drink with our eyes, its essential to produce good looking drinks that will make your café a coffee destination. Latte Art is that final detail that makes people come back. So we'll spend much of our time, and a lot of milk*, perfecting your skills.

    There is nothing better than a good flow at work; time flies fast, coffees taste great and it results in a lot of happy faces (especially your customers). We'll teach you how to prep before the start of your shift, manage your bar layout and communicate effectively . With the help of this course, running a busy café will become second nature.

    * Vegan alternative is also available.