The starting point for learning all about how to make and serve great Union coffee.



This training starts with an introduction to Union; why and what we do differently. The main objectives are to teach you how to make espresso following the correct steps, adjusting the grinder, steaming milk and how to clean espresso equipment.


Open to existing Union trade customers, only. It's not only for the complete novice but also baristas who want a refresher or who have previously worked with different coffee brands.


These are the course dates that we currently have spaces available on. Please only choose from one of these dates when using the course booking.

  • 15th April 6 Spaces
  • 21st April 6 Spaces
  • 23th April 5 Spaces
  • 28th April 6 Spaces
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    Futher Information

    We strongly believe that the best way to learn good skills (or unlearn bad habits) is by using muscle memory therefore most of your time spent in the Barista Skills Level 1 training will be with the espresso machine; making drinks, adjusting the grinder and maintaining your equipment.

    We'll also teach you tips on how to reduce your coffee and milk wastage - very important in high volume coffee shops!

    You will leave our training room with all the basic knowledge needed to make coffee. And with more practice in your café using your course materials, you will be able to produce Union coffee to a very high standard, in no time.