The perfect base for Iced Coffees, Nitro Coffee, Cocktails and more.

After years of trial and development by the baristas at the Union Brew Lab café, we launched our Double Strength Cold Brew Coffee in 2018. Designed to take the hassle out of making iced coffees by mixing 1 part to 1 part milk or water, delicious iced coffees can be made in seconds.

But the possibilities don’t just end there – our cold brew can also be used to easily make Nitro Coffee and is a versatile cocktail and mocktail mixing ingredient too.


We take one of our favourite single-origin coffees from Asprotimana Cooperative in Colombia, roast, grind and then steep the coffee for 24 hours in cold water. After fine filtration the cold brew is packed into a 3 Litre dispenser box. The box fits neatly into an under-counter milk fridge, on a back bar, or you can decant into a speed-pour.


Superior Iced Coffee

Iced coffee has traditionally been made by pouring espresso over ice and mixing with milk or water. This process takes time, requires barista training and doesn’t result in the best taste. When you cool down espresso, it accentuates any off flavours from extraction.

After experimenting with cold brew, we realised using a strong brew could make a far superior iced coffee, and our Double Strength Cold Brew was born.

See our recommended recipes below.

Nitro Coffee

Nitro Coffee is growing in popularity in the UK. By dissolving Nitrogen into your coffee, you can add a delicious layer of texture and creaminess, as well as bit of theatre; however, up until now it has required big and expensive dispensers, taps and gas canisters to serve.

We’ve teamed up with Hatfields London to offer our Nitro Coffee Solution – it uses a Nitropress, a hand-held device that creates the perfect Nitro Coffee every time for significantly less cost than a tap-style dispenser. When used with our Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee – you can serve spectacular and delicious Nitro Coffee for a fraction of the cost.


Cocktails & Mocktails

Coffee cocktails don’t need to be restricted to just espresso martinis. Our Double Strength Cold Brew Coffee not only makes a superior coffee martini, but its naturally sweet and complex flavour profile lends it to a whole variety of cocktail possibilities.

It also lends itself to some really tasty and refreshing mocktails that work perfectly on a summer coffee menu.

We’ve teamed up with some mixologists from around the country to develop some amazing coffee cocktails and mocktails.