This course is designed for you to learn the complex nature of coffee and it's effects on your senses.



Coffee is complex and heavily influenced by enironmental factors. Many factors affect how it grows and the flavours that results in.

During our Sensory course we will discuss many of these variables (from terroir to brewing) and teach you how to taste coffee, using different foods as a flavour reference point.


This course is designed and aimed at those who are new to tasting and use sensory evaluation at their workplace. Open to all levels, no previous training or coffee experience is necessary.


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Futher Information

To help you better understand the sensory part of coffee you'll try various food & drink during the first half of the course. This will help you evaluate smell, flavour and texture and how to identify similar qualities in coffee. Then, crucially, you'll discover how the brain identifies these different qualities.

In the second half of the course we'll use all the knowledge we've learnt and put into practice the full cupping protocol and sensory evaluation of coffee with different origins, processes and roasts.