November 16, 2022

Union’s Best Christmas Drinks

A hot cup of coffee when it’s misty and cold outside, there’s nothing better. But when it comes to festive season, we're going the extra mile! Take Christmas parties drinks to the next level by adding a little something punchy and fragrant. Mulled wine move aside, our best Christmas drinks are here this season...

Southbank Winter Warmer

We had to start with an interpretation on a classic. Spicy, warming and reminiscent of Christmas Markets – this drink gives you a spin on the classic mulled wine.

What you’ll need

  • 50ml spiced Matusalem Rum
  • 25ml Gran Marnier
  • 25ml brown sugar syrup (muscavado)
  • 350ml brewed coffee
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 3 cubes crystalised ginger
  • 2 cloves
  • 1 star anise
  • Teaspoon of all spiced berries

  1. Take the cinnamon stick, vanilla pod, crystallised ginger, cloves, star anise and all spice berries and steep for 24 hours in a bottle of rum (best decanted into some Tupperware first).
  2. Strain the rum back into the bottle through a sieve
  3. Mix 50ml of the rum, 25ml of Gran Marnier, 25ml of muscavado sugar syrup and 350ml of brewed coffee and serve!

Coffee recommendation

A fruity or high acidity microlot! How about our limited edition Sitio Canaa from Brazil with mouth-watering, passion fruit-like acidity and candied pineapple sweetness?

Classic Irish Coffee

We couldn't have a list of warming winter drinks without the old faithful: the Irish Coffee. Here’s our take, we hope you like it.

What you’ll need

  • 25g of coffee
  • A Clever Dripper (or pourover brew method)
  • 300g of water just off the boil
  • 40g of Demerara sugar
  • 50ml of good Irish Whiskey – We like Jameson Caskmates, it’s aged in craft stout casks which give it a creamy, chocolate and coffee flavour
  • 60ml Organic Double Cream

  1. Add the coffee to a clever dripper and pour in 50g of water
  2. Stir north, south east and west before topping up the remaining water
  3. Leave for 3 minutes before decanting into a server
  4. Melt the sugar into the whiskey (gentle heat to a bowl works well, or you can add a drop of hot water)
  5. Add your brewed coffee and pour into a coop or chalice glass and enjoy.
  6. Pour your double cream into a small bottle, only filling around half the bottle and fasten shut. Shake for about 30-40 seconds.
  7. Pour the whipped cream over the back of a teaspoon onto the coffee and whiskey mix, allowing it settle perfectly on top – and enjoy!

Coffee recommendation

We suggest opting for sweet and nutty notes to compliment the whiskey and cream. Try out our limited edition Christmas Roast with notes of mulled wine, dark chocolate and toffee apple. Or perhaps our bestselling Brazil, Bobolink – with classic notes of macadamia and milk chocolate!

Honey, it's Cold Outside

Coffee, honey and rum are wonderful when blended together, and we prescribe a shot of this sweet, acidic, fruit and spice combination to shield you from the cold. It's like a big, warm, cosy hug from inside.

What you’ll need

  • 5g Mānuka honey – 5g
  • One 45ml shot of fruity single origin or microlot coffee
  • 5g your choice of dark rum


  1. Place an espresso cup on your scales and tare off to zero, before adding 5 grams of the Mānuka honey
  2. Pour a shot of espresso coffee directly onto the honey
  3. Gently stir to blend the honey and espresso together
  4. Return the cup to the scales. Tare off to zero, add 5 grams of rum and mix

Coffee recommendation

A fruity single origin or microlot! How about our limited edition La Fila from Costa Rica with mouth-watering, passion fruit-like acidity and candied pineapple sweetness? Or perhaps our classic Maraba from Rwanda with redcurrant and toffee notes?

How's that for winter warmers? If you're after another recipe for a different situation, we've got your back. From boozy brews to classic coffees, find all our recipes here...

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