October 29, 2018

Discover the beans: Bello Horizonte

First Published - August 15, 2013

When the Calderon Sol family bought this farm in Canton Alvarez, El Salvador, the beautiful views of Santa Tecla volcano seen from the pinnacle of their land inspired them to change the farm’s name to Bello Horizonte, or Beautiful Horizon. They can also see the El Chingo volcano in Guatemala.  Nearly 10% of the farm is maintained as a forest reserve in this remote region, which requires a good 4WD because of the rugged terrain which is incredibly steep at this high elevation.

How to serve

As an espresso:  Notes of dried plums, dates, apricots and cocoa powder, medium body and drying sensation at the end.

With milk: 5-7oz, flavours of Golden Syrup, honeycomb and panna cotta.

Makes us want

Discover the beans

Bello Horizonte washed bourbon, El Salvador

Plummy, nectarine and sweet white stone fruit. Complex grape and apple acidity, fresh sweet figs on cooling

Varietal – bourbon

Process – washed

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