October 29, 2018

Discover the beans: Cristal Cup of Excellence microlot 13, Honduras

First Published - October 22, 2013

Cristal farm is located in the El Sauce community in the municipality of Santa Bárbara.

Cristal farm owner Jose Villanueva

Jose Esteban Madrid Villanueva started growing coffee with his father in 1985 when he was a child and now about 10% of his farm (about 2.5 hectares) is dedicated to coffee. Jose clearly understands the relationship between selection of ripe, healthy coffee cherries, a good technical approach to post harvest processing and excellent cup quality because his coffee is a regular finalist in Cup of Excellence competitions. He represents the new generation of farmers from this region.

The Cup of Excellence is a competition established to discover and promote the very best coffees from the producer countries in which it operates.
We were pleased to have two representatives invited to take judge as part of the international panel. Read more about their experience here.

How to serve

Our recommendation is that you experience this amazing coffee as a filter, ideally brewed in a Hario V60 and served without milk to get the best from these beans.

Discover the beans

Cristal Cup of Excellence microlot 13

Roasted apple, honey and  cinnamon milk chocolate flavour with  gooseberry and sweet tropical fruits on the finish. Clean and balanced with a lovely soft silky mouthfeel.

Category: Microlot

Varietal: Pacas

Process: Washed, sun-dried on patios.

Defining Excellence

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence established the Cup of Excellence to promote coffee quality in the countries where it works. The prestigious award generally represents the best coffee at that particular time from a given country.

Prices at these auctions can reach around $45/lb of coffee, with the highest bidders often being from coffee roasters in Japan, China and other countries in that region.

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