October 29, 2018

Discover the beans: Fazenda Ambienta Fortaleza Special Reserve, Lot 52, Brazil

First Published - September 23, 2013 

This is a very special coffee indeed, a Yellow Catuai prepared by one of our most innovative producers in one of Brazil’s most prominent coffee-growing regions. Felipe Croce and his family have transitioned their farm to be ‘more than organic’ and cultivate their coffee trees without pruning or artificial inputs. Indigenous trees are planted to form a protective forest-like canopy which promotes diverse plant growth and provides shelter for animals.

Felipe is also an excellent cupper so has been able to hone this coffee to perfection with innovative changes made after harvesting, in pursuit of this amazing microlot.

How to serve

As an espresso:  gives red berries, walnut and brazil nut, underpinned by dark chocolate. Pleasant dry aftertaste of quinine-like grapefruit acidity.

With milk: this is basically a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bar in a cup. Chocolate chip, nuts, raisins and dates.

Reminds us of

  • Frank Muir’s classic television ad for Cadbury’s from the 1970s – beware, this earworm will be with you all day
  • In the finest tea-time tradition, this coffee and walnut cake recipe is a classic
  • New interpretations of familiar confectionary favourites – Paul A. Young, master chocolatier’s stylish Pecan Whip

Discover the beans

Fazenda Ambiential Fortaleza Special Reserve, natural, lot 52, Brazil

Sugarcane with clean crisp sweet pink grapefruit acidity. Creamy body with red apple, and a walnut finish.

Category – Exclusive microlot

Varietal – Yellow Catuai

Process – natural, Microlot preparation
Photo from Bottled Bohemia‘s Flickr stream under a Creative Commons Licence

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