October 29, 2018

Discover the beans: Konga Natural Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

First Published - May 22, 2013 

Have you tasted our Ethiopian Konga natural Yirgacheffe yet? We think it’s rather special. It’s even been compared to “a hoppy IPA”.  We’re very pleased to say that Eniko Kantor, winner of the Hungarian Barista Championships will be using the Konga at the WBC in Melbourne this week.

It boasts a heavenly fruited dry fragrance with vanilla sweetness. The wet aroma is sweet like honey and the cup has notes of fresh hay with chocolate – the Yirgacheffe district produces some of the most exotic coffee in Africa. This is one of the most distinctive we’ve found, with sweet dried strawberry emerging as the temperature cools.

Where this particular coffee differs from other Yirgacheffe coffees is in the drying, as it’s very simply treated. The natural process is the most rudimentary method of processing: traditional dry-processed coffees are not pre-sorted after picking and tend to be sun-dried in a what could be seen as a haphazard fashion. Having worked with Konga Cooperative since 2003 for our washed Yirgacheffe,  we are very happy to offer this very special “natural” preparation.

At the beginning of the season a small number of farmers are chosen who have the capacity to select and deliver perfectly ripe coffee cherries to see central mill facility at Konga.  The cherries are immediately resorted to remove any imperfections and the whole coffee cherries are carefully dried in the sun on shallow square wooden trays for up to 21 days as they gradually darken and to dry out to resemble a dried cranberry or real cherry. The cherries continue to be hand sorted throughout their drying stage and then hulled in a dry mill to prepare for export.

The sweetness from the cherry fruit is absorbed by the bean which intensifies the syrupy pulpiness and produces a cup that is sweet, full-bodied, distinctive and irresistible.  We think the result is outstanding.

Extremely Extraordinary! RT @thecoffkitch: Lots of Konga Yirgacheffe from @unionroastedto be brewed today. Quite an extraordinary taste

— FreeState Coffee (@FreeStateCoffee) March 1, 2013


How to serve

As an espresso:  tastes of blueberry and tangy sweet lemon sherbet with a milk chocolate base

With milk: presents as a chocolate truffle, a soft centre with strawberry and tea rose

Makes us think about

Discover the beans

Konga Natural, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Exclusive Microlot.

Vanilla and honey, fresh hay, chocolate, sweet dried strawberry emerging

Varietal – mixed heirloom cultivars

Process – natural, sun-dried


Photo from TJ Blackwell‘s Flickr stream under a Creative Commons licence

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