October 29, 2018

Discover the beans: Mama Dalia, Natural, Pacamara, El Salvador

First Published - January 28, 2014 (By Steven – Co-Founder)

Maricela Elizabeth Ochoa de Valdivieso runs a very special farm. Although their output is small, just a few bags of beans each season, they focus meticulously at each stage of production.

All the grandchildren called their grandmother Mama Dalia, and when Maricela inherited the farm from her, she renamed it in her memory. Maricela lives on the farm with her husband, Javier and four children. She has been growing coffee for four seasons; producing Bourbon and some Pacamara varietals.

The soil of the farm is extremely rich in organic material which supports the coffee that is grown under shade-trees; most are leguminosae of various species and also  Cyprus, Tangerine and Plantain. The farm employs 8 men and 2 female full-time workers.

All the coffee is produced as Honey process which means that during milling, the mucilage from the pulpy fruit is retained and dries to produce a sticky honey residue on the bean. This contributes fabulous sweetness to the cup which results in this wonderfully sweet and fruited coffee.


How to serve

As an espresso: very juicy and syrupy, has red berry coulis notes with silky milk chocolate notes finish.

With milk: we recommend it as a Macchiato, Piccolo, Flat White (between 3-5oz). Has notes of ripe cherry jammie dodger, hint of cocoa powder and caramel.

Served as a filter: starts with winey red apple, followed by kiwi and toffee notes. Syrupy body. Clean and mouth-watering finish.

Reminds us of

Discover the beans

Mama Dalia, Natural, Pacamara, El Salvador

Beautifully balanced tart blackcurrant against sweet mango-like flavours. Depth is from base notes of milk chocolate with a long syrupy sweet mouthfeel.

Varietal – Pacamara

Process – Honey

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