July 14, 2022

How To Make Coffee On Holiday

By Helena Brown, Copy & Content Editor


Extra charge for hand luggage? Too much faff? Whether you’re limited on packing or have to leave your full set-up behind, there are easy ways to enjoy coffee wherever you are. Here are three of our top coffees and gadgets to keep you enjoying great coffee all summer long.

Cold Brew Concentrate

Cold Brew Concentrate

Perfect cold brew coffee in seconds, we mean it. Our Cold Brew Concentrate is expertly roasted, ground and cold brewed at double strength for 24 hours. The result is a sweet and consistent cold brew with notes of cola and caramel.

Why is it perfect for your holiday? The ease and deliciousness of making an iced coffee, in less than a minute! With 40 servings per box, there’s ample coffee to keep everybody caffeinated and refreshed throughout the holiday. Simply store in a fridge or cool box and use half concentrate to half water or milk. Have a freezer to hand? Drop in a few ice cubes for ultimate refreshment.

If you’re travelling by car to campsite or festival, hotel or BnB, you’ll be happy you made space in the boot for cold brew. Plus, it's easy to decant into smaller bottles to pop in the cool box if you're away for just a few days! Shop here and check out a few different ways to shake up your cold brew this summer in our recent blog.




Compact, tidy and easy to use – the AeroPress is a top pick for brewing coffee on the move. Bonus: it makes a delicious cup of coffee, too!

Why is it perfect for your holiday? Perfect hand-held size, it can also be easily stashed away in luggage, making the Aerorpess a great companion on trips and holidays. The brewer simply sits atop a cup or server making it a tidy brew method, ideal for on the move. This is perfect for anyone camping with a stove or for anyone staying in a hotel and self-catering accommodation with a kettle to hand.

This is a preferred brew method by Unionistas on the move as it produces a smooth, full-bodied coffee with ease. Either bring your coffee ready-ground or opt to grind it yourself for extra freshness – more information below!

Treat yourself to an AeroPress, or give it as a gift to your friend that’s always on the go.

Want pointers on how to brew? Take a look here...

Hario Hand Grinder

Hario Hand Grinder

Top up your fresh coffee experience by adding in this handy gadget, perfect for home... or away. The Hario has a burr grinder creates the consistent grind you need for a fresh and delicious cup of coffee wherever you are.

Why is it perfect for your holiday? With compact design, the Hario Hand Grinder is easy to pack away into your backpack or suitcase. The grinder handle locks in securely and the body of the grinder sits comfortably in your hand, making slippage and fumbling a thing of the past!

Why do we suggest grinding? Although buying pre-ground coffee will still make you a great cup, grinding your coffee fresh is one of the biggest changes you can make to achieve excellence when brewing.

So pack your Hario Hand Grinder into your suitcase for great tasting coffee wherever you are.

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