January 31, 2023

Meet the Team: Mark Jordan

Who are the Union team? We're a blend of passionate coffee lovers, sourcing, roasting and talking all things speciality coffee. Together, we keep the cogs turning, sharing some of the highest quality and exciting coffees for you to enjoy at home and out and about. This week, we sat down with Mark Jordan, one of our fantastic Account Managers, to pick his brain on the world of coffee and to discover more about his journey.

Mark Jordan 

How did you start your journey in coffee?

In 2011, when I first moved to London, a friend of mine owned a coffee shop in Dalston which became a regular haunt. This is where I gained my appreciation for coffee culture and how it can help glue a community. I started my first hospitality job waiting tables at Leto Café in Soho. It was here I took a shine to the coffee machine and started badgering the baristas to teach me how to make espresso-based drinks.

What is your favourite thing about working in coffee?

The sense of community is unparalleled and has wide reaching arms. From the farmer, to the roastery, to the cafes, to the customers you get this sense of journey and togetherness. There is a good saying “that great ideas are thought up in the pub and finalized in the coffee shop”.

How long have you worked for Union?

I have worked at Union for coming up to 4 years now. Originally joined the company as part of the Training Team before becoming a Key Account Executive and now an Account Manager.

What does a "normal day" look like for you?

One of things I adore about my job is that there is no “normal day.” Every day I have different interactions with different customers in multiple places across London. It’s an ever-changing role which keeps you on your toes.

If you were a Union coffee, what would you be and why?

We have a new anaerobic microlot from Colombia called Nestor Lasso. It’s fairly off the wall so I’m going to go with that one.

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