October 29, 2018

World Coffee in Good Spirits 2014

First Published - June 26, 2014 

Dave Jameson, UK Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, represented valiantly at the WCIGS in Melbourne this year but it wasn’t meant to be. Watch Dave’s performance here. Here’s his parting shot. Or is it? Read on….
All fires start with a spark and burn themselves out eventually.
My competition journey is now over, and I’m sadly not going to be representing the UK in the final of the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship.

It’s been an amazing experience. I have learnt so much, met so many outstanding people and felt the love and support of friends, family and colleagues.
On the day I wasn’t satisfied with the flavour of my drinks that I served. I got a couple of proportions mixed up, and I ran over time. All of this cost me marks. What I saw though, is what the world judges are looking for and I don’t think my stripped down, back to basics style was it.

I want to thank Nic, my wife, for her patience, love and support. Matt, and all the guys at Union for being so positive, so encouraging and so helpful. Artis glassware and Kokoa collection for their help with ingredients and glasses. The SCAE UK for supporting me and organising the competition, and Madeleine from Norway who helped me out with cream for the championship.


I haven’t decided if I will try again next year.
I feel like I have unfinished business here that I need to sort out.

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