October 28, 2019

Brumas De Zurqui, Costa Rica

Juan Ramon’s background in agronomy and resolute focus on quality improvement has lead to many Costa Rica Cup of Excellence awards over the years. This farm is located in the middle of Heredia, a city 10Km north from the capital of San José. The farm is surrounded by urbanisation; existing as a small piece of greenery and trees in the midst of houses, offices and roads. Juan Ramon has to manage the farm as a financially sustainable business by making a living from agricultural use of the land. Many farmers in the area have sold their land to real-estate agencies. Coffee is a passion for Juan Ramon and he has a clear vision through innovation to develop new techniques on his farms.

The farm is planted with Villasarchi varietal and coffee is grown under a shade tree called ‘Poro’. The soil is rich in organic material and the coffee pulp is treated and applied to the parcels of land as organic-rich compost material. Part of the harvest is selected and roasted by Juan Ramon in his 20kg coffee roaster and sold to the local market. He has an incredibly cool coffee shop called ‘Brumas del Zurqui’, the same name as the micro mill.

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