El Topacio Brew Along, El Salvador

El Topacio Masterclass


El Topacio (meaning “Topaz” in Spanish) farm has a deep-rooted history spanning over five generations, founded when two coffee-producer families were united by the marriage over a century ago. Today, it’s owned by Maria Elena, and run by her son, Leopoldo Muyshondt, one of El Salvador’s early adapters of natural and honey-processed coffees. His experience and passion teamed with the farm’s climate, soil and altitude can be attributed to the high-quality and unique lots grown at his farms, coffees we’ve been roasting at Union since 2011.

Fancy an El Topacio brew along?
On 14th February from 12-1pm, join our Coffee Quality Manager, Kieran Power, alongside Union's co-founder, Jeremy Torz, as they spread some coffee love by taking you through the coffee cupping process!

Stay tuned as we will throw in some interesting gems in the masterclass that will be useful for our quiz finale (with a few prizes to giveaway).

To join, just follow the link below & sign up! 


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