Asprotimana, Colombia



Timaná is a municipality located in the South of Huila, Colombia, about a 180 km away from Neiva. Surrounded by the Central and Cordillera Central and Occidental ranges of the Colombian Andes, the area boasts good soils and high altitude - the perfect environment for growing speciality coffee.

In 2001, ASPROTIMANA was formed, standing for The Association of Timaná, in Spanish. Back when they were founded, they were a co-operative of 32 farmers with a common goal to create socio-economic stability for coffee farming families in the region. Today, the co-operative has grown to incorporate around 220 members, with Robinson Figueroa as the co-operative’s general manager.

The farmers in the ASPROTIMANA co-operative are trained to high-standards in agricultural practices – not only focussing productivity and quality, but also environmental sustainability. These traits make ASPROTIMANA an excellent partner in growing high-quality Colombia coffee, and Union has been working with the co-operative since 2003.

Speciality coffee has found a home in not only the farms surrounding Timaná, but also in the community of the farmers, with speciality coffee shop being built in the village - creating employment for local young people and displaying the delicious coffee which is grown in the area.


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