Coffee roast types can affect the flavour of your brew enormously. Broadly speaking the lighter the roast the more the "origin flavour" of the coffee bean will show (the flavours created in the bean by the soil, weather conditions and processing in the location where it was grown.), whereas the darker the roast the more the flavours are influenced by the qualities of the roast itself.

We choose the roast based on what we feel best complements the bean itself. It's a little like cooking a steak though, it all comes down to personal preference.


Highlights the natural characteristics of your coffee. Expect high acidity and to experience some of the most unique flavours found in coffee.

Best brewed as a filter


Balance of acidity and body. You’ll be able to taste the original flavour of the coffee which will be complemented with the fuller body introduced by the roast.

Try as either espresso or filter


Known for their bold, rich chocolatey notes. Most of the flavours you experience with a dark roast come from the roast.

Best brewed as an espresso