Black Forest Gateau

We asked Dave Jameson, a coffee cocktail drinks guru, to come up with something special for us. This wonderfully warming tipple is a great drink for festive periods, as you perfect your cocktail layering skills.

The garnish gives you the only chocolate or cherry in the recipe but the balance of flavours will lead you to believe otherwise!


Luscious, rich and chocolatey

Good for

Celebrations during the colder months

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October 14, 2018

How to make it

  1. 1. For the cream, add the following to a Kilner bottle.
  2.     •  2ml sugar
  3.     •  2ml Chambord
  4.     •  2ml Disaronno
  5.     •  100ml double cream
  6. Seal, shake until thickened and set aside.
  7. 2. Place a glass containing 8ml sugar solution, 10ml Chambord, 10ml Disaronno and 5ml Grand Marnier on your scales.
  8. 3. Wet the filter paper in the Hario V60, then place it on top of the glass.
  9. 4. Add 13g ground coffee to the paper, followed by 30ml hot water and bloom for 30 seconds. Top up with short doses in concentric circles until you have 180ml, then remove the V60 and take the glass off the scales.
  10. 5. Carefully pour the prepared cream into the glass, over the back of a spoon to create a cream layer on top.
  11. 6. Garnish with a cherry and a shaving of dark chocolate.
  12. 7. Share your #unioncocktails

What you'll need

  • 13g Union Coffee (freshly ground to a fine consistency
  • 8ml simple syrup)
  • 10ml Chambord
  • 10ml Disaronno
  • 5ml Grand Marnier
  • 2ml sugar
  • 2ml Chambord
  • 2ml Disaronno
  • 100ml double cream
  • Fresh Cherry
  • Best quality dark chocolate, 70% cocoa solids
  • Hario V60 and filter paper
  • Metal spoon
  • Kilner jar
  • Scales
  • Wide rimmed 240ml/8oz cocktail glass, suitable for hot liquids

What coffee to use

  • You'll need a coffee best served as a filter and rich with chocolate hints.

    See the bottom of the page for specific suggestions.


Coffee and cocktails, a marriage made in heaven. And the perfect way to wind down after a busy day.

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