October 29, 2018

Discover the beans: Decaf Liberación, Esquipulas, Guatemala

First Published - July 31, 2013 

We’re very pleased to introduce something new to you, a very special single origin decaffeinated coffee, Decaf Liberacion.  It is a melange from smallholder cooperatives, Todos Santos and La Libertad, in the Northern Guatemala Highlands. This region is famous for producing some of the finest coffees in Guatemala, placing high in the Cup of Excellence. Only farmers growing at altitudes above 1500mASL are invited to join the organisation and they now work with the Slow Food “Salone Del Gusto” movement in Italy. The coffee is described as a “Baluarte”, meaning it has a particular sensory characteristic, in this case a delicious taste, which clearly marks it as being from a specific region.

We think Liberacion is a fabulous coffee and chose these very special beans for a delicious decaf that preserves everything that’s great about this coffee. We use Carbon Dioxide (CO2) one of the most important compounds of our natural environment, for decaffeination. It’s in the air we breathe, it makes mineral water effervescent, and plants assimilate it to grow. It’s also a highly selective solvent for caffeine.

Natural CO2 is changed to a liquid state under sub-critical conditions of low temperature and pressure. These particularly gentle processes, along with CO2’s good caffeine selectivity ability, make for with high retention rates of the delicate flavour and aromatic compounds in the green coffee, ready for hand roasting. There’s no health risk because the coffee is only treated with natural substances and the result is a superb quality 98.5% caffeine free decaf for the most discerning palates.

This coffee tastes of dark chocolate with hints of orange, and tart crisp acidity.

How to serve

As an espresso:  gives delicious sweet orange chocolate, crème caramel, sweet burnt sugar, vanilla

With milk: think deliciously creamy praline crème caramel

 Now we want

Discover the beans

Decaf Liberacion and Liberación, Esquipulas, Guatemala

Vibrant and fresh, sweet orange citrus acidity, notes of apricot and peach

Category – single estate

Varietal – Bourbon, Pache, Catuai, Typica

Process – Fully washed, sun-dried on patio


Photo from Nutmeg Design‘s Flickr photostream under a Creative Commons Licence

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