May 24, 2021

How To Make Iced Coffee

We all know the feeling. It’s warm, you’re desperate for a coffee, but you’re not feeling a classic hot brew. Not to worry, we’ve compiled the best iced coffee recipe here for you. However you brew, this quick and delicious iced coffee will have you refreshed and caffeinated.

How are you brewing? Filter? AeroPress? Stovetop? Espresso? We've broken down our top tips and recipes for how to brew fresh coffee for iced coffee, find them below!

Iced Coffee Recipe Union Roasted

What you’ll need 

  • Ice cubes
  • Short, strong freshly brewed coffee (scroll below to find all our guides on brewing fresh coffee for iced coffee)
  • Milk/alternative milk of your choice
  • Optional: sugar or sugar syrup


  1. Brew your coffee of choice (discover how to brew fresh coffee for iced coffee below!)
  2. If you want to add sugar, add a teaspoon (or your desired amount) to your brewed coffee, stir to dissolve. 
  3. Fill your glass with ice cubes (we suggest 5)
  4. Pour in your coffee, around 1/3 of your glass
  5. Top up your glass with your milk or alternative of milk of choice
  6. Throw in a stirrer or reusable straw and give it a stir. Sit back, and enjoy.


How to brew fresh coffee for iced coffee

Fresh coffee is what we do best, so we've broken down how to brew fresh coffee for your iced coffee and our preferred recipes. Check out our iced coffee recipes for Stovetop, AeroPress, V60, Espresso and cold brew below here.

Top Tip: If you've got weighing scales at home, this will be really helpful for getting the exact weight of coffee and water. Did you know you can use weighing scales to measure water? 1 gram of water (g wt.) = 1.00 milliliters of water (ml), so 250ml water = 250g of water.

Stovetop Moka Pot Iced Coffee UnionStovetop (Moka Pot)

Trusty stovetops make a bold, intense brew which are perfect for making iced coffee at home. This method will make you 4 servings of bold piccolo style cold brew perfect for warm days in the garden with friends.

  • Which coffee? Medium roast coffee for pleasant balance between acidity, sweetness and bitterness. Blends work exceptionally well too. How about trying our blend Bright Note?
  • What grind? Medium fine (similar to caster sugar)
  • Coffee dose: 30g
  • Brew time: 2 minutes
  • Milk? 50ml per serving, milk or milk alternative
  • How to brew stovetop: Follow our stovetop brew guide

Stovetop Iced Coffee Method

  1. Fill up glasses with 5 ice cubes
  2. Brew your coffee and pour 50ml of coffee over the ice and stir gently to chill the coffee further
  3. Pour 50ml of cold milk or your preferred milk alternative to top up.
  4. Give it a little stir and enjoy!


AeroPress Iced Coffee


Maybe we should call this "AeroPresso" because this method creates an incredible espresso-like short and strong coffee for you iced coffee base. We suggest using the inverted AeroPress method

  • Which coffee? Medium or dark roast coffee. How about trying our blend Bright Note or Revelation?
  • What grind? Medium fine (similar to caster sugar)
  • Coffee dose: 20g
  • Water: 100g
  • Brew time: 1.5 minutes
  • Milk? 25ml milk or milk alternative
  • How to brew AeroPress: Follow our AeroPress brew guide

AeroPress Iced Coffee Method

    1. Fill up glasses with 5 ice cubes
    2. Brew your coffee, swirl before pressing to loosen the grounds and press over ice 
    3. Top up with 25ml milk or milk alternative (feel free to experiment with milk to get various strengths)
    4. Mix with a stirrer or reusable straw and enjoy!

    V60 Iced Coffee

    V60/Drip Filter

    • Which coffee? Try a light roast single origin or microlot to enjoy the complexity of its flavour. How about our Yirgacheffe for some floral notes?
    • What grind? Medium fine (similar to caster sugar)
    • Coffee dose: 15g
    • Water: 250g
    • Brew time: 2.5 minutes
    • Milk? Try this with no milk for the best results
    • How to brew Pour over (V60): Follow our Pour over (V60) brew guide

    V60 Iced Coffee Method

      1. Fill up a glass, mug or server with 5 ice cubes.
      2. Brew your coffee following our pour over method over ice.


      Espresso Iced Coffee


      The classic method you'll find in coffee shops. Espresso is the perfect, punchy brew method to break through the milk. Prefer your coffee black? Top with water for an Iced Americano.

      • Which coffee? A medium roast or a light roast with chocolate notes. Give Bobolink, our single origin from Brazil, a go!
      • What grind? Very Fine (similar to powder)
      • Coffee dose: 17-19g
      • Yield: 28-36g/ml (This should be a 1:2 ration to your coffee dose)
      • Brew time: 22-30 seconds
      • Milk? 100ml milk of your choice, or water for an Iced Americano. 
      • How to brew Pour over (V60): Follow our Pour over (V60) brew guide

      Espresso Iced Coffee Method

        1. Fill up a glass with 5 ice cubes.
        2. Brew your espresso and pour over ice, give a little stir to cool it down.
        3. Top up with 100ml milk of your  choice
        4. Throw in your reusable straw and enjoy!


        Cold Brew  

        A classic cold brew recipe, naturally sweet and a perfect alternative to iced coffee.

        • Which coffee? A single origin or microlot works well, how about Bobolink or Yirgacheffe?
        • What grind? coarsely ground coffee (if using our cafetiere grind, reduce seeping time to 12h)
        • Coffee dose: 120g
        • Water: 1L of cold water (filtered for best results)
        • Brew time: 22-30 seconds
        • Milk? Try it without milk, you should taste some lovely sweetness. Add a dash of milk to your taste if you prefer!
        • You'll also need: A sieve and a muslin cloth
        • Full recipe hereCold Brew Recipe

        Cold Brew Method

        1. Pour the cold water onto the ground coffee in a large jug
        2. Stir, cover and leave for 18-24 hours in the fridge.
        3. Filter out the coffee grounds – first through the sieve, and second time through a filter paper or muslin to remove smaller particles
        4. Serve over ice (in the sunshine ideally!)

         Union Cold Brew Coffee

        Cold Brew Recipe with Cold Brew Concentrate 

        Don't fancy brewing the cold brew yourself? No judgement. We've made it easy for you. Our Cold Brew Concentrate is the most simple yet delicious to make perfect cold brew at home. It's one part concentrate, one part water or milk. Yes, it's really that easy!

        1. Fill your glass with ice
        2. Pour one part Cold Brew Concentrate over the ice
        3. Top with one part water or milk/milk alternative.
        4. Give it a little stir, enjoy and bask in the fact it only took 2 minutes to make!

        Union Cold Brew Concentrate

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