Beneficio San Marcos, Honduras

Our partners since 2017, Beneficio San Marcos (BSM) is situated in Ocotepeque, Sensenti valley, and is developing a reputation as one of Honduras’ finest coffee-producing areas, with several certifications including Fairtrade, Rainforest and Biolatina Organic.

The majority of Ocotepeque’s smallholder farmers are organised into co-operatives. BSM formed in 2013 with the aim to provide these co-operatives with much-needed services such as technical assistance, education, financial support, quality control and access to markets.

Most farmers in Ocotepeque can process and wash their coffee at their farms, but climate and terrain in high-altitude farming areas can make drying coffee difficult. BSM offer drying, dry milling, export and marketing services to the farmers, providing a good alternative to the larger exporters in Santa Rosa de Copan.

As well as providing services, part of the profits that BSM generate are used to create social impact in the local community. An example of this is the Coffee Academy that has been developed to achieve greater empowerment for future generations.

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