June 28, 2019

Cocagi, Rwanda

Co-operative des Caféicultureurs de Gishoma (COCAGI) is located in the district of Gashonga, Cyangugu Province in western Rwanda. This co-operative sits on the southern shore of Lake Kivu which borders with the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Like most of Rwanda, they are blessed with the perfect climate to produce speciality coffee with high altitudes and rich volcanic soils. They produce 100% bourbon cultivar which has a distinctive cup profile of sweet rounded tangerine acidity, morello cherry notes in the aftertaste in this medium-bodied cup.

Our relationship with COCAGI began in 2006, not just as a buyer, but the start of a commitment to provide long-term support, including pre-finance to the members of the co-operative. Significant progress has been made at the co-operative level with the installation of additional de-pulping machines at coffee washing station that has increased capacity and income. The farmers at COCAGI are motivated and focused towards achieving sustainable livelihoods for their community.

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