October 23, 2019

Genesis, Costa Rica

Owned by husband and wife, Oscar and Olga Mendez – Genesis is a product of their joint vision of coffee grown in harmony with nature. The result? A magical space where coffee is grown in an environmentally friendly way. 

Enthusiasm for nature is clear at Genesis farm. Colourful flowers surround the border, a little side business of Olga. Oscar takes pride in the different trees on the farm which offer shade to the coffee plants and enjoys sharing his knowledge about the benefits of everything from the medicinal herb plants to their cherished Geisha tree. Their daughter, Pilas, is also involved in coffee growing and maintaining their coffee paradise alongside her teaching job.  

The name ‘Genesis’ describes the new beginning for the Mendez family: when they moved away from selling their coffee cherries to large multinationals where it disappears within the bulk. They’ve claimed more involvement by constructing their own micro mill which allows them to process their own coffee, in turn giving the coffee its own identity. Oscar and Olga process their lots in various ways: honey, naturals and fully washed..

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