Genesis, Costa Rica

Genesis farm is owned by Oscar and Olga Mendez. Their shared vision of a coffee farm produced in harmony with nature, in an environmentally friendly way, has driven them to create a magical space to grow their coffee.

The borders of the coffee fields are full of flowers, a little side business of Olga. When walking through the Genesis farm, Oscar will stop and explain to you about the benefits of each shade tree, the medicinal herbs that grow on the farm and the cherished Geisha tree. Their daughter, Pilas, is also involved in coffee growing and maintaining their coffee paradise when she’s not working as a teacher.

Oscar and Olga have constructed their own micro mill and are processing their own lots of coffee. The name Genesis derives from the new beginning for the Mendez family: when they moved away from selling their coffee cherries to large multinationals where it disappears within the bulk. They’ve claimed more involvement by processing the cherries themselves and in turn given the coffee its own identity. Oscar and Olga process their lots in various ways: honey, naturals and fully washed.

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