January 14, 2022

Hunapu, Guatemala

Hunapu comes from the highland valley in Antigua, Guatemala's famous coffee-growing region. Sitting in the shadows of three volcanoes: Agua, Fuego and Acatenango, the farms benefit from the area’s rich volcanic soil. With low humidity, lots of sun and cool nights as well - these conditions are perfect for growing speciality coffee. The name Hunapu comes from the Kaqchickel Hunapú, or Volcán de Agua as it’s named today.

Grown by various smallholder producers with farms sitting between 1500-1700 m.a.s.l, coffee cherries are harvested and sold to Beneficio Bella Vista, owned by the Zelaya family. At their mill, the coffee cherries are fully washed: de-pulped to remove the skin followed by fermentation to remove remaining mucilage and then sun-dried on cement patios.

Luis Pedro, the owner of Beneficio Bella Vista, also provides the Hunapu coffee producers with technical assistance on nutrition and tissue and pest management at their farms which helps them to grow higher-quality coffee which is grown in harmony with nature.

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