February 23, 2021

Los Pirineos, El Salvador

Los Pirineos is a 150 hectare farm located at 1480 meters above sea level with a view on 7 volcanos. A volcanic mountain range in the Department of Usulutan, the area is perfect for growing coffee, due to the prolonged dry periods. The farm enjoys ideal climatic conditions, such as altitude, temperature, rainfall, and great volcanic soil.

Los Pirineos was named due its similarity to the Pyrenees Mountains in Europe, which separate France and Spain. The farm Los Pirineos also separates two towns, Berlin and Santiago de Maria.

A large part of the farm is being renovated and planted with exotic varieties such as Geisha, Java, Rume Sudan, SL28, and five different varieties brought from Ethiopia. A unique feature of the farm is it’s coffee garden, which features some 80 different varieties. Including varieties that are not commercially grown such as polysperma, whose cherries have up to ten seed .

The farm has been in the hands of the family for 100 years and has always been cultivated under traditional shade. The farm has more than a thousand raised beds. Here coffee is perfectly sundried. Washed, honeys’ and anaerobic fermentation, los Pirineos is a farm that can handle all types of coffee processing methods, with great success.

A wide range of Flora and Fauna is found within the farm, where endangered species such as deer seek refuge. Los Pirineos employs more than 30 people on a permanent basis.

In June 2020, the news reached us Gilberto Baraona owner of Los Pirineos passed away. Gilberto is a 17 times Cup of Excellence winner and his passing is a great loss for the coffee industry.

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