September 30, 2021

Sumava, Costa Rica

An award-winning farm, Sumava is located in the West Vally of Costa Rica, in an area called Naranjo de Lourdes and is owned by Francisco Mena.

Having worked in coffee for over two decades, Francisco became a producer himself in 2015 at his farm, Sumava. Sitting between 1650-1700 metres above sea level, Francisco’s farm is neatly organised into plots by variety.

The farm uses modern technologies and new trends in ecologically sustainable farming. This includes the use of eco-pulpers together with a retention field for discarded water, which is later used as a fertiliser for coffee plants.

Union’s relationship with Francisco goes back many years. As well as being a farmer and managing partner of the Sumava, Francisco is also a co-founder of Exclusive Coffees, a speciality exporter and one of Union’s longest-standing partners.

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