Verde Alto, Costa Rica

Juani Cordero’s farm ‘Verde Alto’ is located in San Pablo de León Cortés in the famous coffee growing region of Tarrazu. Juani, an extremely dedicated coffee farmer, cultivates his coffee on his farm as “green” as possible, minimising agrochemical use on the farm. The farm is shade-grown and grown up at high heights between 1750 and 1800 metres above sea level. No wonder the farm is named Verde Alto - verde (green) and alto (high/elevated) in Spanish!

Juani started producing coffee at 16 years old, giving him 60 years of experience producing speciality coffee. He is now imparting that knowledge to his sons who help him run the farm.

Juani’s oldest coffee trees are 20 years old - which can be associated with a decline in productivity - but this is controlled with newer plantings at 15, five and two years old - meaning the yield is maintained at optimal levels. During the harvest they need 20-25 pickers who are mostly from the local village of San Pablo, and also a few migrant workers from Panama.

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