La Florida, Esquipulas Co-Operative, Guatemala

La Florida Farm


With gender equity still a major issue in the coffee industry, Esquipulas co-operative in Guatemala have formed a women’s group to support farmers and help women-grown coffee gain recognition. The name ‘La Florida’ (“Abundance of flowers” in Spanish) is attributed to the history of the area: after its independence, the village was named ‘La Florida’, before being later changed to ‘La Libertad’ (Freedom, in Spanish).

Esquipulas co-operative in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, is situated in conditions about as perfect as you can get - a high altitude over 1,500 MASL, fertile soil, and glorious sunshine. We’ve been working with the Esquipulas co-operative since 2009 and in that time we’ve seen them grow significantly, now working with more than 230 smallholder farmers. The farmers grow on average 1 hectare of coffee, alongside subsistence crops such as maize and beans.


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