Costa Rica

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Teeming with notes of tropical boozy fruit

Brewed as a filter, this year's lot from MICEPA has a dense, sticky body with notes of port wine, tropical papaya and a long, fruity finish.
Flavour Category
fruit fruit
High quality coffee has wide ranging, naturally occurring taste notes. The dominant flavour profile in this coffee is Fruit. Many coffees have fruity notes, not surprising considering that coffee beans are seeds of a fruit. Naturally processed coffees are often fruity as the method enables more of the sugars in the fruit are absorbed in the beans.
This coffee is a light roast. Roast level influences the flavour and body of coffee. Darker roasts are fuller bodied, lighter roasts brighter. The beans are light brown in colour (unsurprisingly), it will retain more of the natural flavour of the coffee. This can result in a higher acidity and may often show more fruit and floral notes. This roast style means the quality of the coffee shines through the best.
Quality Score
Coffee scoring over 80 on Speciality Coffee Association scale is considered High Quality, Speciality Coffee.
Best Brewed As
This coffee is best brewed as a filter (cafetiere, pour over, aeropress, drip, etc.). All our coffees can be brewed using any method, but this is our recommendation for a method which suits the coffee particularly well.
Processing Method
This coffee was processed using the natural method. Post-harvest processing influences the taste profile. Washed coffees are brighter, naturally processed are sweeter and honey processed are somewhere in between.

More about this microlot

Founded by Jose Ureña and Rigoberto Araya, MICEPA (short for Microbeneficio Cerro Paraguas) is a community mill located in Chirripó, Costa Rica. MICEPA is a long-standing producer partner of Union, representing a small community of eight producer families with whom we have been working since 2011. The mill has traditionally produced washed coffees, which we source for our iconic Revelation blend. However, in more recent years some of the producer families have begun to experiment with naturally processed coffees – drying the coffee in its cherry with skin and pulp intact on raised beds. This lot is sourced from Jose Ureña’s own farm, Finca Jessy, named after his wife, Jessica. Jose named the farm after Jessica to honour her and recognize her importance to the family. “Because of her, our family can thrive. When we do our work at the farm or in the mill, we know we will have clean clothes, a meal and love waiting for us when we come home.”

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Costa Rica

In a small village, next to Piedra de Rivas you find Microbeneficio Cerro Paraguas (MICEPA). This micro-mill became operational in 2011. Union has been with MICEPA ever since.

The group MICEPA processes coffee of 10 farmers, originally there are 7 members but some of the sons of the farmers started farming their own plots. Together they have around 50 hectares. This group produces fully washed coffees, which are processed in the micro mill ‘’Cerro Paraguas’’.

Micepa is located closely to Chirripó National Park, one of Costa Rica’s national parks. The park is named after its most prominent feature,  Cerro Chirripo, which at 3,820 metres (12,530 ft) is the highest mountain in Costa Rica. Due to the close proximity of the park taking care of nature and the environment is key. All coffee is shade grown, and farmers implement practices such as terraces to protect the soil from erosion.

We have been visiting MICEPA for 10 years now and have been happy to see their progress. They are very well organized and re-invest their profits into their community, families but also the micro mill.  They continuously improve their equipment, especially their drying area this was necessary as their volume has four folded over the past 10 years.

Before the micro mill was constructed in the village, farmers would sell their coffee cherries to large companies. Having no control over the price and quality of their coffee, it was hard to live from the earnings of coffee. Several farmers went to work as migrant workers in the USA, but they returned and invested their money in the micro mill. By processing the coffee themselves, and exporting it directly coffee has become profitable for them, they no longer feel the need to separate themselves from their families and find work elsewhere.

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