Women of Maraba Twin Pack


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2x200g Women of Maraba Selection

Experience the impact of post-harvest processing with this twin pack from Maraba Co-operative's women producers.
This coffee is a light roast. Roast level influences the flavour and body of coffee. Darker roasts are fuller bodied, lighter roasts brighter. The beans are light brown in colour (unsurprisingly), it will retain more of the natural flavour of the coffee. This can result in a higher acidity and may often show more fruit and floral notes. This roast style means the quality of the coffee shines through the best.
Quality Score
85.0 - 87.0
Coffee scoring over 80 on Speciality Coffee Association scale is considered High Quality, Speciality Coffee.
Best Brewed As
This coffee is best brewed as a filter (cafetiere, pour over, aeropress, drip, etc.). All our coffees can be brewed using any method, but this is our recommendation for a method which suits the coffee particularly well.

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Pack includes:

  • 200g Women of Maraba Natural Process - An exceptional example of natural processing, this women's lot has a dense, creamy body, blackcurrant jam sweetness and a buttery, pastry-like finish.
  • 200g Women of Maraba Washed Process - The 2024 International Women's Day theme is "Inspire Inclusion" and this deliciously washed bourbon coffee from the Women of Maraba is the very embodiment of that. Best brewed as a filter, you can expect a juicy, winey body, tart orange-like acidity with cocoa sweetness and a finish reminiscent of roasted almonds.

After being hand picked, fresh coffee cherries are transported to one of Maraba's four washing stations; the coffee is then hand sorted to remove under and over-ripe cherries. The cherries are then spread out on raised beds and left to dry for up to four weeks, before being hulled and graded ready for export. Slow and controlled fermentation of the coffee cherry produces an intensely sweet, fruity and syrupy cup profile - this is known as "naturally processed" coffee.

To produce washed coffees, the sorted cherries are loaded into a de-pulper, a machine that separates the coffee beans from the cherry. The beans are then washed in fresh water for up to 36 hours before being spread on raised beds to dry in the sun. This processing method produces coffee with a high, clean citrus acidity and a tea-like body.

These lots are best brewed as filter and tasted side by side to appreciate the nuances of Maraba's well-honed processing techniques.

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