Hello, We're Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

Union was created to make coffee better for everyone. We’re pioneers in two things, which we have relentless focus on; roasting and ethical sourcing. Click here for our best sellers....

Freshly Roasted, Direct From Our Roastery

We roast our coffee to order, so it arrives to you as fresh and tasty as possible.

Sourced Direct From Farmers

We source our speciality coffee via Union Direct Trade. More than paying a fair price, it means working in partnership to improve quality of coffee and livelihoods, long-term.

Make Your House a Coffeehouse

Motivated to start making great coffee at home? Great! In our handy guides, we give you all the top tips you need for preparing, storing and brewing coffee as great as any good coffeehouse.

Brew it yourself

Brewing. There’s no one size fits all, by the book method. But that's the beauty of making coffee.

Our handy brewing guides are here to help you make the perfect cup. Every time.

How to Brew Guides